NeurOptimal 3.5 unlimited license for sale

Hello !

I want to sell my NeurOptimal 3 System, as I don’t need it anymore. After doing session for the past half year, I think I am ready to sell it. It includes the Microsoft Surface tablet, the amplifier, the cables and probes. Also, I have the license for unlimited sessions, which is pretty great. It includes also updates of the software etc.

The device was purchased 2021 and the version is NO3.6 (according to the manual).

The device is in good condition, was used in a non-smoker household.
I live in Germany, but it’s possible to ship it worldwide.
I ask 7000$ for the device (currently sold for > 10000$).

If you are interested, please leave a comment here and I will get back to you.


I am interested in your system. Could you contact me directly? I live in the US

Thank you!

Heather Kessler

Hello everyone,

I wanted to add some pictures and details. The system is in second hand, so an official license transfer is not possible anymore, BUT as I didn’t change the owner etc. in the license transfer, you can still change everything to run for your name and email etc. You have full access to the license at all times anyways, as it is unlimited and safe yourself the 500$ transfer fee.

I am ready to negotiate the price as well, as I understand this circumstance is not optimal for everyone.

Here are some pictures from the device. You can see, that everything is in very good condition and the software is up-to-date.

I want to go down with the price to 5500$. Let me know, if you are interested, I need to sell the device soon.

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Hi, I’m interested. I live in Italy

I go down with the price again to 4500$. I would love to sell it, it’s just lying around here without use. It’s really a bummer, that the license transfer is such a problem. It has unlimited usage still and for anyone using it for personal it’s a very good chance to buy such a device for a cheap price…let me know

Hi Stan,

I’ve sent a private message and am interested in learning more about the device! Cheers,


Hi Stan, I live in Germany as well. (Berlin)
Have you sold the device yet?
Best wishes,