NeurOptimal Personal 3 System For Sale

This is a lightly used NeurOptimal 3 Personal System in excellent condition–always treated gently and never a rental machine. 34 sessions remaining.

This is the computer:

The main value is in the license and zAmp (the zAmp alone is a $1,950 value).

The very fair, rock-bottom, no-haggle price is $2,500. The buyer pays the Zengar $495 license transfer fee and shipping (I’m in the U.S. near Seattle).

One working sensor set, a power supply, earbuds, a long USB cable, and a new Ten20 EEG conductive paste container are included.

Buying a NeurOptimal Personal System is an excellent, low-risk way to start training at a low cost.

Please let me, Kirk VandenBerghe, know if you have any questions.

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Is this still available?
Im in Australia would there be any issues with its functionality here?
Thank you for your time :pray:

Hi. Thanks for your interest. I searched Google and found the following:

Can I use a 120V appliance in Australia?

*Australian electricity runs on 220-240 V and 50 Hz. Please make sure your electronics accept 220 – 240 volts (V). *If your device uses 110 – 120V, common in North America, you will need a step-down transformer.

Would you like me to contact NeurOptimal support and ask them? I’d be happy to.

Kirk VandenBerghe

Yes please :pray: thank you !
If its just referring to a plug adapter piece converting the difference between the two countries outlets,
My guess is should be fine,
Or maybe i can obtain power supply cord suitable for aussie outlets that still works on the devices?..
Anyway leave it with you!
Cheers mate!

Hi, S_J ~~

I contacted NeurOptimal’s ZenConnect team, and they replied: “We have many Australian users, and our zAmp can run on 50hz or 60hz.”

I found this: “All AC Adapters come with an Australian power cable and plug” in the link below:

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.

~~ Kirk VandenBerghe

Hi. If you (or anyone else) is interested, the friend for whom I’m selling this NeurOptimal Personal System is now willing to entertain offers. If you’re interested in buying this system now, go ahead and make your offer!

Ok so I am going to assume your price summary in your original post is in US dollars,
Can I offer 3000?
Whats the absolute best price and I will go from there, thank you so much for your time :pray:

Good to receive your offer. The asking price of the full system is $2,500. The $495 license transfer fee is paid to Zengar. For your privacy, please send your full mailing address in Australia to ( I’ll then calculate FedEx shipping + insurance and see if I can afford to include shipping for free.