Neuroptimal Pro 3.0 on surface for sale

2 yr old.
You will have to purchase PASS.
Surface with hard case. Extra connections. jar of conductive gel unopened.

Company Bankrupt due to covid, paid over 10k
Selling for $3,000
Can use unlimited personally w/o doing anything.


I’m interested. Please call me at 724-970-1840.


Is this system still available/for sale?

Hello, am interested in purchasing this. (907) 252-7154

Hi, is this still for sale ?

Company Bankrupt? plese tell us this story…

I will buy. 7278100993

I WILL BUY THIS TODAY if its still available. Thank you!

is this still for sale?

Hi Robyn, I am selling a personal system if you are still looking. If you are interested in learning more, please email me at

Built by @curiositry and @amckent of The Autodidacts • Follow @TheNeuroBB on Twitter for updates!



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