Neuroptimal Professional system "Pro unlimited sessions" for sale

I am a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Seattle, Washington. I have a Neuroptimal Professional system for sale. Following are features/sale information:

  • Professional V.2.0 (In my opinion, I don’t think there is much difference between V 2.0 and V 3.0)
  • Pro unlimited sessions
  • Laptop Asus TP500L i5 6 GB 500 GB, Rotation 360 degree Touch Screen
  • Carrying case
  • New jar of Ten20 paste
  • User’s manual (Digital)
  • Asking price: $5,950 (I paid $10,000)- accept PayPal
  • Excellent quality
  • I offered the following for a smooth transaction:
  • Pictures/video clip of the package
  • Q and A through one 15-minute zoom meeting provided an agreed price is mutually reached.

I feel confident that my price is the best in the market for the product I am selling. For $5,950, I think this is really a value buy. I am willing to negotiate further if you DO find other product with better value.


Hi Mark, is this system still available? I know it’s an old post, but thought I’d ask. Am looking for a NO2. Thanks,

Sorry, this system was sold.