Neuroptimal Professional System V.2.0 for sale

I have two Neuroptimal Professional Systems V.2.0 for sale.

Each has an Asus laptop, zAmp with cable, Carrying case, New jar of Ten20 paste, User’s manual (Digital).

There is a license transfer fee (not included in the selling price) which includes three (3) months of PASS membership.

Even if you decide to upgrade to V.3.0, you will be saving money.

I have used the system at a Fibromyalgia clinic with great results. Due to Covid, I am now doing most of my work online and these machines need to be put to good use. I am asking $5000 Canadian. I am in Canada.

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I am interested. Can you please email me at thx!

Crystal I am interested in one of your professional systems if still available. I am new to this forum but looks like there is no message function? You can email me at: karl @ w i c k f a m .com. (I put in spaces to hopefully prevent computer scrapers from scooping up my email.) Thank you!