NeurOptimal V3 personal system bundle for sale

NeurOptimal V3 personal system bundle for sale - immaculate condition, latest NO3 updates. Microsoft Surface Pro and 100 sessions. US$4,500

how would you get more sessions than 100

If this is still for sale, can you tell me what version the Surface Pro is? Thanks.

Hi Henhouse, yes, it’s a Surface Pro 4 but in excellent condition still in original box and updated with latest Windows 11 and NeurOptimal system software. Includes Surface Pen, 128GB/Go, 4GB/Go RAM and 100 sessions. I’ll post pictures this afternoon.

Hello all, here are the photos of this system…

Hi Rachel,

Which part of the world + city are you based? Please can I ask what year it was purchased when new? Thankyou.


Is it still for sale
Are you in Australia? :crossed_fingers:
Thank you

Hi Harriettegreen, yes, it’s still for sale. I live in Sydney.