NeurOptimal V3 personal system for sale

NeurOptimal V3 personal system for sale 230 sessions on a MS surface Pro. Perfect condition. $4500.00

Still available? Where are you located?

Yes available. I am in the UK.

Do you know what shipping would be to the US?

I would go 50/50 on the shipping. Probably $150 total. I will find out tomorrow. What zip code will it go to?


Hello, 95212 Stockton, California USA.

Hi, the cost of shipping plus insurance via DHL is $160. So $80 each.

Don’t see how to post photos on neurobb, if you send me your email I can send them.


Better direct bank deposit because we have to pay Paypal for transaction and there is a lot of Paypal scams going on.

my email is:

Can you let me know you have got my message reply because your messages are not showing on Neurobb? I get them on my phone but I don’t see yours here.

Hi Ruthy
Are you now not interested in my Neuroptimal?

I am still interested. I am just going through the process of convincing my husband. He is not hard to convince, I just got distracted with work!
I will be in touch in a few days. You can send pictures to Do you have a receipt of when you purchased it?


Is this system still available for sale?

No sorry sold last week