Normative EEG Database for Amateurs?

I’d like to find a Normative Database so I can compare EEG data I get from my OpenBCI to a baseline. Getting Started with Neurofeedback mentioned two Normative [Q]EEG Database options: NxLink and NeuroGuide.

However, the NxLink (billed as a “powerful new software package for IBM P.C.'s”) looks fairly antique and is priced between 2,000 and 7,000 dollars. That’s a bit above my pay-grade. NeuroGuide has similar drawbacks.

My question: is there a free / open-source / affordable normative EEG database that I can use with the OpenBCI? It doesn’t have to be huge (NxLink has data from ~700+ people), just something to get a baseline from.


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There are several sources of freely available EEG data that you could use as a baseline.

For example, the nice dataset at physionet:



Hi wmwvanvliet, greetings, I want to know what application I have to use for download and read the data bases. Thank you so much

Hi @wmvanvliet, it’s a pleasure say hello to you. I have a doubt with this site, I don’t know how to download the databases, do you know how to download them and what programs you need?? Thanks a lot and greetings fom Venezuela.

If you are running on Mac or Linux, you can use wget to download all of the data in that directory:

wget -r -np -nH --cut-dirs=3 -R index.html

There may be a graphical user interface that will do the same thing. See the following discussion: