Normative volatages values 10-20 / 10-10 electrode placement

I am looking for normative voltage values ( Both eyes closed and eyes open ) for delta , theta , alpha , SMR , beta , low beta , high beta across various electrode placements on the skull , especially temporal lobes , parietal and prefrontal areas , for both adults and children . Please help me find these data . I am planning to start training . Thanks for spending time to read my query

I recommend this book for a general overview: Jim Robbins - Symphony In The Brain: The Evolution Of The New Brain Wave Biofeedback (ISBN: 9780802143815)

Thanks for recommending . I have already read it . I m glad that you responded to my query . Are you aware of any blogs or social networking sites where people share about protocols , equipment , training etc . I have reading a lot , doing some work but I find it difficult to find people who are interested in it without any other motives . I m not a professional , just a curious nerd

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