Not getting comment-followup email notifications

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If I have posted a comment on an existing thread, I expect to get an email notification when new comments arrive. This is not happening no matter how I adjust my settings.

This is an important feature to have working on your forum, because without it, much less interaction will happen.


Hello William,
Email notifications are important, and I’m sorry they’re misbehaving.

I checked your settings, which look good, and the email logs didn’t show any error. However, it looks like you were last emailed eight days ago, and someone replied to a topic you had replied to two days ago. Notification emails are delayed for 10 minutes to give users a chance to edit and finalize their posts — but they shouldn’t take more than a few minutes longer then that to arrive.

A new version of Discourse, the forum software we’re running, was released today, and I upgraded in case there was a bug that they have fixed.

I also sent you a test email from the admin section to make sure the site can deliver email to your address without errors. The logs said it had been delivered successfully … did you receive it?.

What if any email, if any, are you getting from the forum? Are you getting the email digest, or being notified when someone @mentions you? Are you getting notified of new posts to topics you started, but not of new posts on topics that you replied to? I haven’t mentioned you in this post … did you get this reply by email?

Thanks for reporting the issue, and I’ll keep troubleshooting until I find what’s causing it!

— Curiositry

Hi Isa, I did NOT get a notification for this reply you made. Checked my spam box as well. I DID get the "test email" from Discourse that you sent prior to your reply. Mysteries!

I’ll forward you a notification I got 10 days ago.

Is it possible that there is some confusion about whether I am “on line” or not? And that then postpones the notifications?


Mysteries indeed!

That occurred to me too, but you have set it not to suppress notifications when you’ve been active. I set it to send you notification for every post, the same as my setting, just to see if we can get any email action at all. What is this topic’s watching/tracking/regular/muted dropdown set to?

@wjcroft — just noticed that the logs now list an email to you, that would have been sent 6hrs ago, as skipped with reason “user has already read this post”. That could explain why you didn’t get notified about this thread.

Edit: Looks like an email is listed as having gone out about one of these posts two minutes ago … was it received?

Yes got it, replied to you via email.