Online communities for neurofeedback/neurohacking?

Hi All,

I’ve recently entered the neurotherapy business, specializing in neuromodulation but also doing neurofeedback for some applications. I think this field is a game changer, giving us the ability to break free from unconscious, conditioned thinking patterns that prevent us from being our best selves. I’ve seen it be life-changing in so many cases and I really want to see the field explode and take off!

Aside from this one, are there any online communities (that I’m not finding!) where people are talking about this tech? Like - how to understand the pros and cons of different modalities, how to work around other factors that can impact the results (like metabolic factors - leaky gut and methylation issues come to mind) etc.

I’m thinking of creating a Facebook group to start some serious discussions and share experiences, but before I do, I thought I’d see if I’m just missing any existing communities!

It seems pretty quiet here! I have a lot of thoughts and content to share myself, and I’m sure others do too. I’m surprised it’s so quiet here!

Thanks - James

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Hello @James_Croall, and welcome to the (quiet) community here.

I looked around a lot before starting NeuroBB, and found almost nothing. I was more involved in DIY hardware and software, as opposed to clinical neurofeedback, though.

Since then, I haven’t scoured the internet, but nothing much has crossed my radar. There’s the NeuroTechX community, a few subreddits, and the forums for the hardware and software companies.

Good luck with your search, and feel free to share a link to any communities you find — or start!

Hi @curiositry ,

Thanks for the response! This still seems to be the only place for DIY hardware, and that’s cool. I’m excited to see OpenBCI and others develop further!

Didn’t know about NeuroTechX, that helps!

I’m going to stew on it a bit but thinking of setting something up about actually applying this tech to help people get out of their own way and just become better versions of ourselves. For me that’s where this really has potential. QEEG has the ability to uncover our deeply engrained thinking patterns, and neurofeedback and neuromodulation the ability to reshape those things. But I’ve found it to be way more complex than that, many people have environmental or metabolic influences that make them respond to the training less… I’d really like to see us all collectively crack this code.

Cheers - James