OpenBCI Ganglion commands and Python. Help needed

Dear all, dear developers,
I have no idea how to get responses back when I send commands to OpenBCI Ganglion.

I am using pyOpenBCI.
When I call for example:

`OpenBCIGanglion::write_command(self, command)`

how do I read the answer coming from the board?

board = OpenBCIGanglion()
response = board.write_command('?') # response is always {'rsp': ['wr']} for any command sent

When I send “?”, I would like to get back the the board’s registry.
When I send “~~”, I would like to get back “Sample rate is someHz

I looked for examples, but I couldn’t find any implementation.

Could anyone paste here a code snippet? or pseudo-code…
Or a reference to a piece of code in the library with some explainations.
I would appreciate.

I think it would be nice to have a native python library for Ganglion boards (I am trying to build yet one).
Thanks for the support!

Kind Regards
Matteo M.