OpenBCI Spectrograms

Isa of Autodidacts create EEGRUNT, an excellent open source Pythong EEG analysis software.

To download the software and for instructions see:

My friend KOB setup and used EEGRUNt to analyze a couple of my Ganglion readings.

Note, EEGRUNt works perfectly with the OpenBCI Cyton, but KOB had to make some changes
get the Ganlion working. The Cyton captures 250 lines per seconds, while the Ganglion
captures 200 lines per second, so KOB had to tweak the software to get proper results.

Anyway, here are the gorgeous results:

And here’s a post on some of the early history of EEGRUNt:

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Thanks for the kind words Katie :slight_smile:

This afternoon I finally got around to adding a preset for Ganglion data. Now KOB won’t have to jump through so many hoops to get it working!

Hi curiositry

Ah, so you are Isa, very well done on the Spectrogram!
I’ll pass on to KOB your latest improvement.