Pensando en comprar un Neuróptimal

Good! I’m new to neurofeedback and I’m looking for advice and testimonials. I rented a Zengar 3.0 team for 25 sessions, about a year ago. And the truth is that I’m happy, now I’m considering buying one, but I don’t know to what extent it’s worth it. I am an impulsive, clueless person, I block myself sometimes, I turn things around, daily that TDH. I know I would do very well, but I read in this forum, from individuals who sell you a few months after buying it, the question is: why? Does it stop taking effect? Is it really worth it? Thank you very much for reading. Regards!

Good morning. Everyone’s experience is unique. I started NeurOptimal sessions about four years back and continue with one session each week. I stopped tracking my session count when it exceeded 500. I don’t see any reason to stop since my nervous system can continue learning.

Do you still notice improvement after +500 sessions? Or you reach a point where the neuroptimal can no longer train.

I purchased mine over a year ago and use it regularly with myself/ family and for clients. I find it very beneficial and useful and now wanting to sell because I want to spend elsewhere. I have best version and the yearly support that is transferrable for more than one. I want to sell one of my machines. In excellent condition. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing.

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A neuroptimal 3.0 equipment? From what year? What do you deliver to him with? How much would you leave him for?


I always keep the software updated to the latest version. I use a Professional system on an old ASUS i5 laptop, which works fine. The sessions are for my wife and me since I’m not offering sessions to clients at this time (I don’t want to mess with Covid protocols).

I purchased a little over a year and a half ago. Excellent condition. Will sell for a little less than purchase price. Present an offer.

I’m looking, my idea is to take it in 1 or 2 months, we will be in touch.
Thank you.