Personal NeurOptimal Machine for sale

v3 NeurOptimal Neurofeedback personal machine for sale. $2800, which includes the $495 transfer fee NO charges and 50 sessions. Option to purchase an additional 110 sessions for a reduced fee.

Please contact me directly if interested:

A week ago I sent you an email but got no reply.

Hi Adrian,
Apologies - for some reason I did not see the e-mail. Are you interested in the personal machine? If so, what information do you need? For the purchase to complete, I would put you in touch with my contact at NeurOptimal as they will complete the software license and machine transfer to your name. I can also give you information on how we would complete the transfer of money and the insured mailing of the machine to you.

Hi CMSpringer1,
Yes, I am interested in purchasing a personal device.
I have sent a new message to your email.

Thanks, Adrian

By chance is this still available?

All machines have been sold/purchased. Thank you for your inquiry.