Please advise on what you would get

I’m a physician no longer doing clinical work. I have a long interest in neurofeedback and meditation. I have a psychiatrist colleague wanting me to bring neurofeedback to the office.
I’m looking possibly at an office device that has multiple leads and qeeg ability and then I want to get a bunch of economic but reliable machines that I can lease out (say 20-50 units) that the client can link up to a phone app or computer program. VR would be great but maybe I can keep that to the office for special use or if I get affordable used Quest headsets can potentially get a few.

I think I would have to have at least two leads to be able to train specific areas.

Is this a reasonable approach?

I’ll have to take the certificate course.

I’m willing to build the units if that’s possible.

Please can you give me a few best choices?

Budget is limited so have to be careful with the costs.


Suggest checking out Cody Rall’s videos on Youtube.

You are NOT going to find QEEG ability (19 channel simultaneous sampling) in any “low cost” solutions. MyndLift can “sort of” do assessments 1 channel at a time. Not sure how reliable. Rall seems to be a big fan. Are they paying him, or does he just like using with clients?

Another excellent option, somehow not mentioned by Rall, I guess because of price range.

As far as neuro-meditation, checkout Jeff Tarrant’s institute and course offerings. I know that Rall is also offering meditation assistance with his Muse programs, but Tarrant is considerably more experienced in this area.

A series of lectures presented by Jeff to the NewMind group, of which I am a member. Really really excellent, cutting edge. Click on the box below.

The New Mind Technologies system site. This might be a good candidate for your central, in office system. It also supports Jeff’s neuromeditation protocols and QEEG if you opt for it. This is both a hardware and software solution. But likely not appropriate for the 20-50 ‘lease’ systems you mention. Home users need something easy to operate. And 50 copies of New Mind hardware is going to be considerably more expensive than the consumer grade options Cody Rall mentions.

You mentioned interest in neurofeedback incorporating VR, Jeff also has done this. Not sure how much success / adoption this has accrued. Suggest asking to speak to clinicians or clients using it.

Interesting I just re-checked his site above. In the past he was using Muse with the VR headset, now he uses something called Brainlink headband:

My guess is that it might still work with Muse. You can ask him. Cody Rall is a huge fan of the Muse 2 and Muse S.

Thanks for these. I have to go through a couple more later

Bill. Are you the only one on here? :laughing:

BCI messaged me (and you) so I cc’d them too

Let’s say I have $2000 to spend on the office device.
And then whatever I can get in quantity with another $2000 for trainers.
There’s leeway there of another $1-$2000

Please pretend you are in my position and don’t mind being specific. I’m not going to later judge what you advise. I have already been on just about every website and overwhelmed myself with the number of options.

If I wanted one in office system that is multi electrode capable of mapping and qEEG that I won’t feel like I skimped on, that I can run on a laptop what are a few examples you’d pick?
Doesn’t have to be the software used in training unless there’s modules in there for it.
Would want to be able to import from whatever apps used in training for clients (or myself).

Then I can consider the more bulk purchase of client side headbands/electrodes and associated training apps.

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I think I’m going to try and get the certificate course done over the next week. Maybe making a decisive and more educated choice won’t feel as difficult