Please suggest equipment and software please

Hi all , please help . I am a newbie .

I have been planning to buy a neuro feedback equipment . Its for my personal use . I dont know what software i need to buy as well …Its really confusing and overwhelming . I have an modest understanding of protocols So please share your insight … I will just say my requirements

I need to do amplitude training . Later i might add synchrony training .

I need 2 channels . I might wanna train two channels in an independent way with and without effecting phase . Example , suppressing high beta at two electrode locations independently without affecting phase . Later I might add coherence .

In the middle of the training session , I need to change this bandwidths in the software and customise as per my needs .

Frequency is 50 Hz , as i m from India . It can go 40 degree celcius here .

For service repairs and warranty , i need a responsive customer service . This is so important because I m not aware of any manufacturers from India and it would be better if they have service centres in india or if they have tie up here with any firms. Most equipments are overseas manufacturers . If they don’t have service centres in India , that’s ok . I might need to ship it internationally . But without responsive customer care , i would be helpless .

Please suggest software’s and equipment with such facilities . I won’t be using zscores or Qeeg . Just a basic equipment will do . I might use paul swingle clinical q .

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