Poll: What EEG hardware do you use?

Select as many options as apply.

  • Emotiv
  • Homebrew
  • Muse
  • Neurosky
  • OpenBCI
  • OpenEEG
  • Other

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I am wondering what “Other” includes. Maybe even commercial products that actually use a NeuroSky chip.

Welcome to NeuroBB @steeph. “Other” means anything not on the list — I’d planned to add more commercial research / clinical systems to the list, but discovered you can’t add options to a poll that’s been voted on, so they’re all included under “other”.

If it’s not made by NeuroSky, it would probably go under other. Feel free to post the specific model here if it isn’t listed, and then after a while we can start a new poll that includes the most popular systems that I didn’t include / know about when I created this one.

Thank you for the welcome!

I don’t know clinical systems. I chose NeuroSky because all devices I own have a NeuroSky ThinkGear module. That’s a modded MindFlex toy EEG, a single TGAM for a self-built headband and a Melon Headband, which is a 2-channel consumer EEG based on the ThinkGear chip. There are more consumer headsets and headbands that use the same module. I don’t think they would all have to be listed in a new poll.

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Well, I have to correct myself. The Melon Headband does not contain a ThinkGear module. I don’t know why I thought it does.

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