Prepare/import EDF data into OpenViBE

I would like to load some EEG data into OpenViBE, for exploration and analysis. PhysioNet has several EEG datasets available, such as:

The problem I am encountering with those datasets is they are in a, seemingly proprietary, EDF format that OpenViBE cannot read. OpenViBE can read common formats such as GDF, so I would like to convert the EDF to GDF.

Sigviewer can read EDF data and promises to be able to convert to GDF at some point, but does not seem to work as of version 0.5.2.

How can I convert EDF data into a supported format such as GDF?

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EDFBrowser has many conversion methods. One of these should work for input by OpenViBE.

Alas, EDFBrowser does not have an EDF to GDF converter, and seems only to support EDF -> ASCII conversion:

From my understanding, OpenViBE only supports a few import options:

  • BrainAmp
  • CSV
  • GDF
  • Muse
  • OpenViBE

This is the same as CSV ascii.