Professional 2.0 bundle for sale

I have decided to sell my Professional NeurOptimal 2.0 System which is in perfect condition and has unlimited sessions. The spec is: INTL NeurOptimal® Professional Bundle Microsoft Surface Book 2 i5. I have everything that came with the system, including new sensors. It was purchased March 2021 for my son with ADHD, which it has helped, but unfortunately, I he doesn’t use it as frequently anymore, so I decided to sell it. License for unlimited bundle can be transferred for $495 directly with Zengar (I have all the information needed)

I can send anyone interested pictures and or a video of everything so you can see the condition.

I purchased and used it in US, but I am happy to ship worldwide.


I am interested if your system is a 2.0. This is the older version of the software and I prefer it. Can you send a picture of the screen once the NO is launched? Also how much are you asking? I’m in Ohio, US

Hi. I am in the US.

Could you tell me more about your system? I’m looking for a 2.0.

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Hello! Sorry for the delayed response- I was traveling and couldn’t take pictures.
We are asking for’$6,995 or BO. This is a professional version with transferable unlimited sessions.


This is NeurOptimal system version 2.0 bundle with Microsoft asurface book 2 i5 8GB. Training with NO2 is done up to 40hz. I have used sensors and a set of new (never opened) sensors included.
Please let me know what other information you are looking for


This is a version 3.0. Sorry I am looking for 2.0. Thank you

This is version 2.0 (version 3.0 is the latest and we have prior version). Version 3 uses higher frequency

Hi there, is this in usd? Do you haven’taby if the conductive paste?

Yea, we are in US and the cost is in USD.
I have Ten20 conductive paste (partially used) and I potentially have a new tube (I can check if needed).


Any chance that you still haven’t sold this unit?

Whereabouts in the US are you?

Hello! I still have this system
We live in Connecticut. Where do you live?


Interested of you still have this unit. Thanks!

Yes, I do. You can email me at

Is this system still available? If so, can you email me