Question for all neuroscientist and BCI specialist

Hi everyone im a huge fan of this kind of science and i was wondering when and if it would be possible to have it so we can inhance our speed of thought by using AI and perhaps communicate with other and control lesser computers with the AI implant being directed and controlled by said user and maybe be able to learn and create better and faster is this impossible and would it not mean a new era of enlightenment if im wrong please correct me im very interested in learning more about this

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There are no “AI implants”. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is being widely questioned by the neuroscience community, for the over-the-top claims being made.


There are many BCI’s being developed, both implants and external devices. They are rudimentary at preset, but the science is advancing quickly. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is the most well-known and has managed to piss off the entire neuroscience community, which is a good thing because he’s stirring the pot, giving them a goal and challenging them to produce results. It will take several decades to produce the kind of results you are referring to, but it will happen, and yes it could mean a new era of enlightenment. I am excited about this technology too.

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