Question: If I play sound ( say music ) how will it affect the EEG test

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If I play music say using a speaker at moderate volume during an EEG test. Will it cause noise in the EEG data?
Also If I play it using earphones will it cause noise in the EEG data?

Any insight would be highly appreciated

Hi, E.D.,

No and No.

In neurofeedback, earphones are used 99% of the time for audio feedback. Speakers would be no different.



Neurofeedback ‘feedback’ can be both audio, or visual, or both. They are usually both present. But some feedbacks might be exclusively one or the other.

Now if you are doing an “EEG Assessment”, for QEEG or other types of protocols, those are done under controlled conditions. Always in a quiet room. One segment with eyes closed for a couple minutes. Another segment with eyes open, but looking at a dot on the wall.

QEEG tests like this are compared to a “normative database” where the participants were sampled under the same conditions.


Thanks so much! I’ve never used an EEG before trying to use it in my research soon.

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