Real Time Sonification using Open Vibe

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With offline sonification compleleted, I now want to use Open Vibe to convert real time EEG signals stream into sound.
Has anybody tried using this and is well versed with the procedure?
Any help will be appreciated


Mutayab, hi.

BrainBay might be another app you could use. It supports a function block that outputs MIDI. What hardware amplifier are you using?

OpenViBE I don’t think has direct MIDI output, but does have a function block that (when triggered) causes a WAV or OGG file to be played.

OpenViBE has their own user support forum, you might try asking over there,



I am using LIveAmp amplifier to record EEG signals.
Now the problem is how to link Sound Synthesizer with OpenVibe to produce Real time system.


I think, sonification to midi ls like converting analog audio of a symphony into a simple midi track. Better are organic ways, like via resampling or signal driven modulators. I created many sound albums, where I had to develop unique approaches in order to get functional results, and not symbolic representation only.