Repository for open source neuroscience projects!

Hi NeuroBB community!
Just dropping a quick line about a website I’ve put together with useful information on open source projects for neurosciences:

If you have projects that are related to it and you would like to see posted there, drop me a line!



Andre, thanks, great resource. Can you add OpenBCI to your list, I did not see it under Open Hardware or Software,

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OK, I see it now under “Human Electrophysiology”. But that category is a bit confusing. It does not contain ECG or Joel’s Pulse Sensor. Another open hardware project I did not see is Bitalino.

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Thanks for the feedback! It is true, I hadn’t noticed that. As the website grew, I had to rearrange some categories, I must have failed to rearrange that… Also thanks for the tips about the other projects, I’ll take a look at them!

Hey @amchagas — cool project you have, and welcome to the forum! I remember running across your page on OpenBCI a while back, but you’ve posted a lot more resources since then. A few things you could consider:

  • Cloudbrain, (open-source software to stream, store, analyze, and visualize sensor (esp. EEG) data, built by Marion Le Borgne, @jnaulty, and a bunch of other folks from NeurotechX SF).
  • NeurotechX (an international neurotech network that “brings hackers, enthusiasts and experts together to drive innovation and foster collaboration”)
  • Updating your OpenBCI page to include info about the new Ganglion + Ultracortex projects
  • NeuroBB (:innocent:)

It looks like your site has fairly wide range of projects on it already — what’s the intended scope? It could get quite crowded if it included everything open-source that could be used for neuroscience … but that could be a good thing!

It could be handy if the categories were explained more clearly to visitors, since I didn’t know where to look for some projects. (You could also consider having non-exclusive tag-based categorization.)

Keep up the good work!