Roshi Wave mind machine light glasses for sale

I bought this kit about three months ago. They haven’t been much used as we’re using a Neuroptimal professional system so we’re not getting any use from these now, and I would like to sell them on. Apparently they have a similar effect to Neuroptimal (although for much less money!) but my daughter has sensory processing issues and couldn’t tolerate the lights which is why I moved on. Since I bought them they apparently can’t now be shipped to the UK, so if anyone is wanting a set or more information do let me know. They come in a double set, one pair you can use with eyes open the other with eyes closed. I paid $800 USD plus import duty for them. I’m open to reasonable offers. Thanks!Roshi Wave

Built by @curiositry and @amckent of The Autodidacts • Follow @TheNeuroBB on Twitter for updates!



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