Selling a Brain trainer International system- good for beginners!

This is a great system and didn’t use it at all for EEG except for once . but i decided it wasn’t the right fit for my practice. This is Peter Van Duesan’s company and they are great and supportive. If you don’t want to spend the money on NeuroOptimal, this is a great way to start with brain training with less risk.

I’m selling my whole system which is good for home use only. You would only have to add a new training plan for a new user (yoursef) for $100.

The system is normally $3500 and I’m selling for $2300 shipping included

-Optima 4+ Chanel amplifier

  • bio explorer green dongle

-T26 saline cap, electrodes and sponges.

  • nIR HEG headset which is great for aerobic brain training. Includes Life Game

I’m willing to also sell components separately too.
If interested, let me know! Please contact me at as I check that more often.


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