Selling my NeurOptimal equipment

Wanting to sell my neuroptimal equipment latest and full version and comes with assistance package. In excellent condition. Purchased a little less than 1 and 1/2 years ago. Message me if interested.

Haven’t worked out how to message on this platform. Please email me thanks!!

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Hi Lori,

Could you provide some additional details on the system?

Personal vs professional
If Personal, how many sessions remain
Price expectations

I am definitely interested.


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Hi James,
I purchased and selling NeurOptimal® Bundle - Surface Pro 7+ - i5 - Unlimited License and the PASS membership (which is terrific by the way) all transferable - for both continued support and unlimited usage. Includes a **FREE Course Registration. This system has been for personal use and with clients in office, I am a therapist. It is practically new (in excellent condition). Hope this helps. You can message me directly if you would like.

I hope you received my message via email? Please see info below:

Yes I did. I’ll reply there. Thanks so much!

Hi James
In answer to your questions. Not sure what additional details on the system you would like. It is the most recent system w/ all updates that Neuroptimal sells. I suggest looking on their site for more details. .I have an unlimited system- meaning there are no limits on the amount of sessions. My family and I as well as clients have benefited and enjoy it very much as there is felt sense of improvements in various areas. I have personally and professioally seen and experienced positive results from utilizing the Neuroptimal equipment. It is very useful. I own more than one system and would like to sell one for purposes of spend elsewhere.
Hope that answers your questions. Thanks so much!

James what is your email. Easier there

Thanks Lori. I actually sent over an email to the one that you shared above a couple days ago. I will resend now for visibility. Mainly inquiring about asking price at this point. Thanks!