Selling my OpenBCI 8-bit Board Kit for 250$ OBO + shipping

This kit was only used for a few captures with zero issues. Shoot me an email for further info, pics, etc. travis AT

Same kit as what you find here:

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Is this still available?

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Yes it is still available, however I was incorrect when I originally made this post. I have an 8-bit board, not the 32-bit board.

Pictures of the device: There are zero issues with the board, which has worked perfectly fine on the few occasions I used it. It comes with electrodes and conductive gel, about ~45 grams, out of the 50 grams that came in the electrode starter kit.

The difference between the 8-bit and the 32-bit board can be summarized by Chip Audette (the main contributor to the OpenBCI code base)

“From my perspective, the choice between the 8-bit board and the 32-bit board matters only if you are ever going to change the software running on the OpenBCI board itself. Alternatively, if you are only ever going to use OpenBCI to stream data to the PC, and you’re going to have all of your fun on the, then it doesn’t matter whether you have the 8-bit or 32-bit board.”

"There’s no doubt that 32-bit platforms are more capable. But, the reason for getting an 8-bit board is Arduino compatibility. When it comes to programming the board, the 8-bit OpenBCI board is an Arduino Uno, no “ifs” or “buts”. Load the Arduino IDE, set it to Arduino Uno, and reprogram the board using any code that works on an Uno. IMO, that security blanket is a super-strong reason for choosing the 8-bit board.

If you’re sophisticated enough to want to do EEG processing on the OpenBCI board itself (as opposed to on the PC, where it’s easier to develop and debug), you’re probably also sophisticated enough and confident enough to not need that “Arduino at Heart” security blanket. If you’ve got that sophistication and confidence, you should definitely rock the 32-bit board."

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Is this still available now? Thanks!

Apologies for the late reply, yes this is still available. You can email me: travis [AT] if you’re interested.

I’ve posted the item on Ebay starting @ $150, one bid has been placed already:

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Is it available now or do u know anyone whoelse sold this board? It is sold out in the Open BCI online shop