Selling NeuroOptimal Professional Tablet

Zengar – Neuroptimal Bundle for Sale $7,000 to include transfer fee The unit is a Surface Pro 7+ -i5 8GB 128GBw/ unlimited license. It was purchased on September 16, 2021.June 6, 2021. It is in excellent condition, and comes with: • Charger • 1 zAmp • 128 Micro SD Card. Conductive Ten20 Paste • Surface Pro Protective Case • USB Connection Cable • 2 Sets of Solid Silver Sensors• Earbud Extension Cable All security updates are current. Warranty expires Sept 16, 2024. I paid 9,995.00 for it new. It was purchased for my son who has ADHD and is no longer needed. I currently have a Pass Membership that is good through September16, 2023. Please contact me at I would love to tell you about our experience with this equipment.