Sound Synthesizer Software for EEG signals

I am working on converting EEG signals to sound. And I have been trying SuperCollider for generating sounds but it’s not producing effective results.
SO what other softwares can be put to test in this regard?

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BrainBay, BioEra and Bioexplorer can do this easily. I think also neuromore, if you can find it.

If you can output your control signals (or data stream) with OSC (Open Sound Controller), then Max or PureData can also be used.

They aren’t serving the job. Can you provide me the detailed documentation??
It will be highly appreciated.

Umm, documentation for each of the programs I mentioned is available at their respective websites. Have you tried a google search?

I am on it and will let you know if any further info required.
Thanks for helping out.

I am interested to build a browser EEG interface using Web Audio API - clearly its then pointless to use brainbay or similar

There are other means to do the conversion

One big issue is time lag for a real time conversion & display - only the host would be suitable for neurofeedback due to internet lag but the data could be streamed to a clinician online for observation

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I’ve done some research into doing this exactly. There are some limitations if you’re planning to use the Web Audio API for DSP on the EEG data, but I think they are probably surmountable with some gymnastics (and would permit a client-side JavaScript-only implementation, with the enormous platform flexibility that entails).

Is this what you had in mind, or were you going to use Web Audio for actual audio processing? I’m curious what you’re building!


yes but you may know more than me at this stage - I am assuming there must be a conversion to audio before using the API - or can it be tweaked to use the eeg data?

I am also aware compression algorithms such as used by streaming gaming platforms could potentially speed the whole thing up

@AdamM and @gareththomasnz, here are Alex Castillo’s OpenBCI javascript packages.

I think he mentions Cyton wifi shield support in there as well. With the EEG raw data, filters, dsp libraries, you should be able to do any transforms required to generate your audio output from the EEG.

Note however, that the VPL (Visual Programming Language) apps such as BioEra and the like-- are generally orders of magnitude faster to setup. Ten minutes of arranging block diagrams on the screen to setup your signal processing pipeline and audio / midi / synth output.


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