State of the art neurofeedback and LCT

I’ve been browsing reddit, the well known neurofedback discord a little and a few websites and couldn’t find the answer to my question.

As of today, what is the best neurofeedback protocol or practice that you can use to increase IQ, speed, creativity, improve mood and reduce anxiety ? At what price ?

A few years ago, TagSync was all the rage. There may have been a LOT of hype, but there is anecdotal evidence of 20-30 + iq points increase (one is here in the comments…mful-substances, and users on reddit. There are also papers on good old neurofeedback regarding this).The guy behind the brainstore didn’t like Tag much and seems to have helped people recover from bad use of the protocol.

Douglas Dailey has released a new protocol that he calls Live complexity training (lct) and that seemed very promising. I am also aware of brain trainer that is a bit expensive for me. Biocybernaut works but is histerically expensive and may not be that good. Open BCI is very affordable but I don’t think neurofeedback is viable on this platform.

There is also the option of designing my own protocol(s) and even sell them or make them open source, but I have little to no knowledge of neurofeedback theory at the moment - could be very fun-.

I would really like your input on this.