Sub $500 NF headset for meditation?

I’ve very interested in using NF to complement my meditation practice. Being new to NF I’m amazed and confused with the offerings out there (number of sensors, apps…)
I’d be interested to cultivate all or some of the following: focus, relaxation, presence, “open/expansive” awareness.
This is a beginning of a long journey for me and I’m thinking of buying something between $200-500, to get a taste.
I’d really appreciate any suggestions and advice.
All the best,

Hi John

If you want to do something properly that wont harm you in the long run DO NOT buy one of the toy NF systems eg Muse etc. They are bright shiny objects create to make money. You do NOT train alpha up in any of the frontal lobes. presence, open/expansive etc are just marketing there is nothing in their algorithms that can claim to be creating these things directly.

I know it may sound negative but Im a NF professional who has 23 years of experience and you have to ask yourself why no one in the field has been involved in the development of these toy systems? Its becuase they are the antithesis of real NF, ie fixed simplistic placement and protocols with cool names as a one size fits all.
Hope this helps


Thank you for posting, I have been looking for some similar feedback on this forum and have had no luck getting any and have actually ordered a Muse as a starting point, in the absence of advice, but could make use of the money back guarantee if necessary.

Are you able to respond to my query about which set up you would actually recommend?

Hi Riji

There are two major brain based reasons why people find it hard to meditate and none of the toy systems can deal with that. I wouldnt be using them on your kids.Many people come to me for alpha theta training but very quickly it becomes apparent we need to do some eyes open brain tuning first and thats why they cant make any progress with meditation. For your kids I definitely would suggest an assessment of some kind basic EEG or QEEG and do eyes open training first then move onto alpha theta for the deep work. Unfortunately this is something that is too hard for someone to try and do themselves. In the future we will have powerful systems for fully automated NF which I have written about extensively but the toy systems out there now including the Muse are absolutely not there. I offer sale and rental of the systems I use for clinical grade fully supervised home neurofeedback ie I guide clients with their training so their is no guess work but very targeted training specific for each individual. if you like email me and I can discuss what I offer.

Thanks Jonathan,

I have had a peek at your website and it looks very interesting. I will send you an email after having a good look.

Thank you for responding.
I’ve been contemplating a cheap system to “dip my toes” whilst at home.
Is there any more expensive system that you feel can help with home practice? Or is it just best to go sporadically to a professional (I’m based in the UK)?
All the best,

Hi John

My pleasure. it all depends what you want to do NF for. It can done at home successfully I can help you with that either renting or buying a system. If you are properly supervised you dont need to go to a clinic. I have clients in the UK and USA. Email and we can discuss your needs. Cheers

Cheers Jonathan.
I’ll send you an email. Mine is