The BrainBay Design Thread: share your best .con files

Many of us have accumulated a folder of BrainBay designs (.con files). Anyone who feels inclined to share their collection of configurations can post theme here for others to experiment with.

Please post one configuration per reply, and in the following format so it’s easy to browse the list.

**Title of Configuration:**

Short description of what it’s used for, what elements it has, and general instructions and information abou the design.

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OpenBCI and BrainBay 1-Channel EKG

A basic starting design to get data from the OpenBCI and display it with the Osciloscope element. It has a .5–50Hz Butterworth BandPass filter and 59–61Hz Butterworth BandStop filter to remove the OpenBCI’s DC offset and main power interference, respectively.

It works well for testing your OpenBCI and or testing brainbay, because it’s so simple; copy the pair of filter and add them to all the channels, and run the rest of the channels into the oscilloscope and you can use it for a full 8 channel EEG. You’ll want to increase the gain on the scope for that, though.

openbci_brainbay_1_channel_ekg.con (3.3 KB)

Great news! Chris Veigl just released BrainBay v 2.0 with Ganglion support!

Brainbay v2.0

  • Support for OpenBCI Ganglion
  • Support for Neurosky devices
  • Cursorkey integration for Oscilloscope and Threshold Windows
  • KeyCapture element allows logging of key events
  • Oscilloscope can save snapshots for training reports
  • SessionManager and Sessiontime elements for menu-based selection of designs
  • Keystrike element for key logging and interaction
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In Yahoo group OpenEEG Protocol Designs in files section is some useful .con files.

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One channel One reward Multichannel Inhibits (Othmer method) (for testing)

This design is my trying to copy original EEGInfo design for BioExplorer to BrainBay.
Goal of training: find your optimal reward frequency while inhibit any burst activity on other frequency bands and train it on some standard sites from Arousal Model of Othmer’s (T3-T4, T4-P4, T4-Fp2, T3-Fp1, T3-P3 and some others. You can find them in Protocol Guide from Sue Othmer).

  • You need change device if your device is not OpenBCI Cyton.
  • You need to adjust reward frequency in MAGN1 REW object for finding your Optiman Reward Frequency.
  • You can adjust timer for session in SESSIONTIME object in seconds (default is 600 sec/10 min).
  • You can enable sound for end of session in SOUND object (Don’t forget to uncheck “Mute” and change path to wav-file or add my file to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\BrainBay\CONFIGURATIONS\ring_1s.wav and change USER to your Windows-username.

EEGInfo 1 Channel Multiple Inhibits.con (27.5 KB)



I’d glad to any comments and suggestions from you!


Unfortunately, this link is expired. If somebody have saved this designs I think we all will glad for share them.

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Thank you for sharing your design @JamesLowby!

I checked the Wayback Machine and there seems to be only one capture, from 2020, which is just the homepage. However, at least some messages of the OpenEEG_protocols group seem to have been saved on the Internet Archive in this 2018 Yahoo Groups dump; maybe they could be accessed with the help of this tutorial?

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Hi Jameslowby ,

Thank you for sharing this design . I have been looking for the othmers protocol design and if you have any can you just share it ? . Threshold designs in brainbay is hard for me to understand .
I m looking for multiple inhibits like you designed , then 10hz alpha synchronous training and alpha theta

Any help in this regard is appreciated . I am also exploring other softwares as well but the problem is i couldnt find any customised protocols for othmers .

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Hi karthik,

I have Alpha-Theta design for BrainBay from designs pack from Neurobit, but not tested it.

What software and amp you have?


I was undergoing ILF for few months, but didnt own it . I might be getting a neuroamp 2 plus cygnet for sometime . If I dont get the neuroamp 2 within few week, i will be buying neurobit optima to just use the conventional othmers method. I have brainbay and I have trail versions of bioexplorer and bioera . Just exploring the possibilities . planning to buy software if i get customised othmers protocol

Thanks for the protocol!
How do I make it a beta inhibit alpha?
It’ll help my adhd a lot