Touchpoints Device

Has anyone tried or heard anything about these? They say it it helps calm smr etc but I can’t find any actual info not generated by the company so am hesitant to take the $200 plunge. Thanks.

The founder of the company actually borrowed the idea behind this, from the toolbox used by EMDR practitioners.

In EMDR, the stimulation is applied in sessions manually with the hands. Some other companies also make electronics bilateral stimulators.

And there are even audio tracks using the same idea,



This is definitely based on tapping but research found that it didnt really matter much where you tapped but around 2hz was best rate which affected the amygdala. However tapping and these techneologies in my experience work with people who are very flexible ie they respond very well to many things but others it wouldnt do much or just take the edge off but not resolve the issues.