Used Neuroptimal 3.0 Personal System For Sale

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Hello. I am selling my Neuroptimal 3.0 Personal System. This comes on an Acer 17 inch laptop. Purchased in 2017 with 100 sessions remaining. Also comes with two sets of working sensors. Perfect condition. Asking $3500 OBO. Thank you!

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I am looking to buy a system…are you in Canada?

Thank you for your interest. I am in the U.S.

This personal sysytem is still for sale. Please respond to this post if you are interested or have any questions :slight_smile:

Hi! May I ask why you’re sellin it? I’m very interested to purchase one for our family to fix stress- and behavioral issues and wonder if you find it useful for those?

And our residence is in Spain at the moment, so just thinking how to solve that one…?

Hello! I am selling my system because I have done 100 sessions and feel it has done what I wanted. I know them to be a very reputable company and have heard great stories from the friend of mine who referred me to Neuroptimal. She used it on herself after a traumatic brain injury and had an amazing turnaround. Neuroptimal has endless possibilities as far as how it may help a person given that it helps the brain work at its optimal potential. Being that the brain is part of the Central Nervous System, the conditions Neuroptimal may help with are numerous (i.e. chronic pain, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, stress, etc.). Please reach out with any other questions. My price is $3500. I would consider shipping to Spain :slight_smile:



Hi Brianne!

Sounds wonderful. So happy to hear you had benefits with the system. I’ve been dedicated to search all the possible information on the NeoroOptimal and so far am very Very interested in purchasing one to our family. My son have achieved great improvements with his symptoms with Lorenta(?), but I think that this is kind of limiting way to guide brain’s functions. NeuroOptimal seem to apply more at a “holistic” approach.

I’m renting the NO equipment today for 2 weeks to see, how it functions and will be absolutely happy to make deal with you, if we decide to buy it. Which has great probabilities :slight_smile:

I’ll be soon in touch with you again.

Yes, Neuroptimal is very gentle and intelligent in how it helps one attain optimal brain function. I wish you the best in your rental time. I look forward to hearing about your results :slight_smile:

Best to you,


Hi I would love to buy the system

Hi, Ray! Please email me at to further discuss :slight_smile:

Hi, Ray! Please email me at if you have any additional questions for me :slight_smile:

Hi, Angela! I was checking in to see how your 2 week trial went with the Neuroptimal. Please email me at


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