Wanted: Used Neuroptimal (personal or professional)

Looking for a used neuroptimal either personal or professional

Hi Ned, I have a used professional 3.0 machine for sale. You’re probably aware that you’ll have to pay to have the license changed over to your name so figure that into your cost. Not sure how much that will be but I’m sure they can tell you at Zengar. What ballpark are you considering spending? (Sorry I just now am considering selling due to another need for funds so I haven’t yet arrived at a sales price yet.) I have used it 650+ sessions and it’s been very nice to have as a part of my psychotherapy practice, both for neurofeedback only sessions and for psychotherapy/neurofeedback combination sessions. Hope I’m not out of line leaving me phone here (I’ll remove immediately if so) feel free to text me at 801-564-7566. Thanks! —Mark

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