Which EEG device would be best suited for capturing Mu-Rhythm in order to control device?

I am in the market to purchase an EEG. I have some prior experience using OpenBCI.

I am deciding between getting another OpenBCI board (16 channel) or an Emotiv product. I hear that Emotive has very expensive licensing to access raw EEG data, is that true? I have a budget around $2,000 USD for this project.

I want to control a motor using Mu-Waves. Nothing too complicated, just an on-off to start.

Eventually I would like to be able to have multiple outputs based on which side of the body and which body part I imagined moving.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

For Emotiv, you need their PRO license,

$200 per month or $2K per year. “Very expensive” indeed.


Actually the BCI paradigm you want is called motor imagery. See previous search results. An attractively presented list of various BCI paradigms on this page: