Your good suggestions for the creator of the new EEG

With my friends we have created new eeg (3 to be precise) on ADS1299 board and its great and best, of course :wink:
It’s based on 8 years of my ‘research’ in signal processing and mostly on robust eeg measurement. I quote ‘research’ because I work mostly for companies and for profit and not in research institutions so you wont find any scientific papers. After 4 years I’ve started to work with my co-funder Adrian (mathematics/IT) and last year with Ievgen former Neuroon engineer (and few more) and now we have ready eeg but no knowledge about what you would like it to do?!
I will say what we have and please tell us what you think we would screw up or what we have to do to be really useful.
We have few hardware tricks but they can change in production so I will omit them to the better moment
sure hardware things: sampling rate of 1024Hz (I hope for 4k), 24 bits , analog band pass (~0.5 to ~100Hz), 8 chanels now and 4 or 8 in future (price!). BT4.0 but we are working on 5.0
Most of our technology is based on software and long iterative work on improving signal quality
minor things : we have few ‘hardcore’ filters that due to Adrian’s clever implementation don’t eat our battery or novel method for quantifying good reliable amplitudes …
but the most important thing is that you would get cleared signal without most artifacts, noise, blinks … one that we have tested on emotion recognition tasks, or sleep measurement with success
Oh and we claim that thanks to that we can measure emotions* with highest current accuracy.
*When I write emotions I mean VERY specific emotion -> emotional dimension called BIS/BAS (approach-avoidance) ‘developed’ in 1970 by mr Gray and further developed by Davidson in version for eeg (but neuroscientists forgot about half of original theory).
you can find some more info in our patent application:
I know that extraordinary claims need extraordinary proofs so we are really open to proving that our technology works as promised (but please remember that we have time and money constrains) if you have good quality (better than muse or emotive) signal e.g. 256Hz or more from OpenBCI recorded in meaningful way (some kind of experiment) from electrodes f3 and f4 (or others, more in patent application) you can send as tsv with labels of electrodes, sampling frequency and signal to get emotional indicator back. This idea needs your refinement and I will only fight for purity of definition of ‘emotions’.

One thing that would be very helpful is if you could streamline the process of capturing ERPs. Right now, one of the biggest challenges is with time-synchronization of events. If you are able to produce both precise and accurate timestamps along with the EEG data, that would be very helpful. I think that both the Muse and OpenBCI folks are working on this, but I haven’t heard any specific updates in a while.

Also, at what price do you plan to sell the 8-channel EEG device? Are you planning to target it towards the consumer market (e.g. somewhere near the OpenBCI price point)?

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Good news is that we spend last 6 years on creating software for recording and analysing eeg, eye tracking, movies, games… so time-synchronization won’t be a problem.
Bad news is that signal should be partially different than on medical EEG because we we do not need to stick to the rules for medical devices and we only care about the clarity of the data. This may be important for the reproduction of classical experiments on ERP - they will come out the same or more significant, but the waveform should be partially different (I mainly work with frequencies and dynamical materials not ERP but we have internal test on ERP in near schedule)

Price point is important so I will answer it in this point:
-now we SPEND ~400-500$ to make one device (it’s ‘hand made’ one at a time and that’s only cost of parts) but we can sell it for 600$ if we get more than 2 customers at one time.
but with mass production (1000+) with imprecise informations for now we should have 2 price points:
one ‘common’ with 4 active electrodes and 1024Hz for ~299$ :wink:
and one for ‘profesionals’ with 8 active electrodes 2-4kHz and few extra things for 400-500$
I don’t want to guess shipping costs

Thanks for the responses, looking forward to seeing this take shape!