NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System for sale

I have decided to sell my NeurOptimal 3.0 System which is in perfect condition and has unlimited sessions. The spec is:

INTL NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle (i7)
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i7 16GB 256GB

It cost me $10,595.00

I have everything that came with the system, including new sensors, Microsoft stylus and a protective case. It was purchased on the 28th of October 2021 for my adult ADHD which it has helped with along with my daughter’s Autism. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to use it as frequently so have made the decision to sell it.

I can send anyone interested pictures and or a video of everything so you can see the condition.

I purchased it from the US and had it delivered to the UK but I am happy to ship worldwide.


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I am interested but I live in Australia

Could you email me at

I’m interested in your system. Please email me at Thank you!

I’m interested in your system…please email me at Thank you!

Hi Andrea, I have emailed you, you can reach me at



I have emailed you, you can reach me at