Selling my NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System

Sorry the video is not uploading. I would be happy to email it to you.
Also I realized the cord that attaches the amp to the Surface Pro is not in the picture, which I of course have. Thanks.

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Is this still available ?

Yes. It is available. If you would like a video of the hardware etc please send me an email address.

I am interested in your system. I will be buying one within the next week. There is someone who is selling a personal unit that is local for me. I would prefer a professional system, if it is still available. Please respond asap.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes the system is still available.

what operating system are you using?

how old is your system?

i am in Canada…where are you located?


Palsar, would you be able to email me directly at

I am making a decision this week as needed asap.


I have emailed you back…thanks

looking forward to hearing from you

Hello. Please contact me if you still have the neuroptimal at

Hi, I would like to purchase a used NeurOptimal professional system.
My e-mail is:
Thank you,

Confirming if this has sold. If not email @

Hi, I would like to purchase a used NeurOptimal professional system.
Thank you,

is it still available?

We’re looking for system what is your asking price? Please send email to

If still available, please email me at

Hi all, I am selling my system - link to topic below:

Hi Ben, I am interested…and based in LONDON, UK. What are you hoping to see it for? Thanks

Hi Verity. I am looking for £6900 for it. If you’re interested you can email me -


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Thank you!