Selling my NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System

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Selling my NeurOptimal 3.0 System in pristine condition. Unlimited sessions. I have everything that came with the system. Was purchased 2 years ago for my children (ADD/ADHD) and to create a business with it but that just did not work out logistically so I would like to sell it.
I can send anyone interested pictures and or a video of everything so you can see for yourself that it is in pristine condition. Thanks!

Hi! How much are you asking for it?

Hi. Sorry for the delay. $6500. I paid $10,495. Here is my original receipt from Zengar.

Still available? What’s your location? And can you send pics?

Hello, if this is still available, could you send me the pictures and video? And are you located in Canada?

Sorry the video is not uploading. I would be happy to email it to you.
Also I realized the cord that attaches the amp to the Surface Pro is not in the picture, which I of course have. Thanks.

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Is this still available ?

Yes. It is available. If you would like a video of the hardware etc please send me an email address.

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